Design Miami 2015

December 1-6, 2015

Design Miami/ is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the
most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from
around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. Occurring
alongside the Art Basel fairs in Miami, USA each December and Basel,
Switzerland each June, Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for
collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design.
1950 Gallery/ Alberto Aquilino/ New York
ammann//gallery/ Cologne
Antonella Villanova/ Florence
Caroline Van Hoek/ Brussels
Carpenters Workshop Gallery/ Paris & London
Carwan Gallery/ Beirut
Casati Gallery/ Chicago
Cristina Grajales Gallery/ New York
Demisch Danant/ New York
Erastudio & Apartment Gallery/ Milan
Firma Casa/ São Paulo
Friedman Benda/ New York
Galerie kreo/ Paris & London
Galerie Patrick Seguin/ Paris & London
Galerie Philippe Gravier/ Paris
Galerie VIVID/ Rotterdam
Galleria Rossella Colombari/ Milan
Gallery ALL/ Beijing & Los Angeles
Hostler Burrows/ New York
Jason Jacques Inc./ New York
Jousse Entreprise/ Paris
LAFFANOUR - Galerie Downtown/ Paris
Le Collection’Heure/ Brussels
Magen H Gallery/ New York
Moderne Gallery/ Philadelphia
Orley Shabahang/ New York
Ornamentum/ Hudson
Patrick Parrish Gallery/ New York
Pierre Marie Giraud/ Brussels
R & Company/ New York
Sarah Myerscough Gallery/ London*
Secondome/ Rome
Seomi International/ Seoul & Los Angeles
Southern Guild/ Cape Town
Thomas Fritsch -ARTRIUM/ Paris
Victor Hunt Designart Dealer/ Brussels

UNBUILT: Design Miami/ Harvard GSD Pavilion
Selected following a school-wide competition at the Harvard University
Graduate School of Design (GSD), the 2015 Design Miami/ pavilion
commission provides an opportunity to discover some of the burgeoning
ideas and unrealized projects that are integral to a designer's creative
process. Conceived by a team of students enrolled in GSD’s Master in
Architecture program, the pink ‘cloud’ that forms the pavilion’s roof is
composed of 3D foam models of unbuilt designs sourced from and created by
the Harvard GSD community.
Audi/ Spotlights
Marking the tenth anniversary of the design-centric automotive company’s
partnership with Design Miami/, Audi presents Spotlights by the Stockholmbased
design studio Humans since 1982. Spotlights is inspired by the
brand’s first large-series electric vehicle, the Audi e-tron quattro concept,
which follows the company’s ‘Aerosthetics’ concept, combining technical
measures for reducing aerodynamic drag with creative design solutions. For
Humans since 1982’s installation the three titular oversized spotlights are
arranged around the vehicle, projecting video sequences that reference
characteristics of the car and the power of nature. This installation
represents the latest iteration of a relationship between Audi and Design
Miami/ that has resulted in collaborations with some of the world’s most
significant designers and architects.
Swarovski and Fernando Romero Enterprise (FR-EE)/ El Sol
For the latest in a long-running series of spectacular collaborations for
Design Miami/, Swarovski has commissioned the Mexico City-based
architecture and design practice to create an installation that explores
humankind’s relationship with the sun. Titled El Sol, the installation is a vast
geodesic structure, designed to scale, one billion times smaller than the sun,
and composed of 2,880 custom–made precision-cut Swarovski crystals.
Inspired by the sacred geometry used by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans in
constructing their pyramids, Romero endeavors to pay homage to this legacy
while also employing modern technologies in creating the structure.
FENDI/ L'altra metà del sogno/ The other half of the dream,
Roma 1940–2015
In October 2015 FENDI inaugurated its new headquarters in the iconic
Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, set in the area originally built for the 1942
World’s Fair in Rome.
In the 1930s Guglielmo Ulrich was among those called upon to design
furniture for the buildings of this ‘new city’. The Second World War prevented
the fair from ever taking place and relegated the commissioned designs to
paper. FENDI takes inspiration from Ulrich’s designs to give life to unique
design pieces, combining tradition with innovation and expressiveness with
poise. Embellished with fine leathers and fabrics, these pieces will ultimately
be united with the space of Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, for which they were
initially conceived seven decades ago.
Maison Perrier-Jouët/ All’ombra della luce by Ritsue Mishima
In a continuation of Perrier-Jouët’s creative exploration and collaborations,
the House unveils two unprecedented works by the Japanese-born, Venicebased
glass designer Ritsue Mishima. Presented at Design Miami/ 2015, a
huge installation along with an original piece will mark the beginning of a
year-long creative partnership between the Champagne House and the
designer. Mishima's clear, colorless glass works are celebrated for their
delicate, organic forms.
Airbnb: Belong. Here. Now.
Created in collaboration with Design With Company, the Belong. Here. Now.
installation, will invite visitors to the fair to pause, look around, and perhaps
become part of an evolving performance. The Design Miami/ satellite
exhibition, located across 5,000 square feet directly opposite the fair’s main
entrance, will form the venue for unpredictable occurrences – some intimate
and some spectacular –hosted by a rotating community of creatives. This
ongoing creative exchange is rooted in the idea of hosting guests, which is
central to Airbnb’s model. Between such moments of activity Belong. Here.
Now. will offer a comfortable retreat to visitors to the fair.
Revolution Precrafted Properties and ETN Design: Revolution Pavilions
Revolution is a collection of limited-edition prefabricated living spaces
including pavilions and homes, conceived by design and real estate
developer Robbie Antonio in exclusive collaboration with more than 30 of the
world’s preeminent architects, artists and designers. The pavilion series will
launch at Design Miami/ 2015 with Zaha Hadid’s curved VOLU Pavilion and
Gluckman Tang's structured Model Art Pavilion. Each pavilion and home is
individually imbued with its designer’s personal concept of spatial form and
social function. Robbie Antonio has developed commercial, residential,
cultural, and civic projects around the world with artists, architects, and
designers. ETN Design is a new venture from prominent New York-based art
dealer Edward Tyler Nahem.
Galerie Maria Wettergren presents Draped Nimbostratus by Cecilie
The Design Talks studio sports an additional flourish this year thanks to the
monumental Draped Nimbostratus textile installation designed by Danish
architect Cecilie Bendixen and presented by Galerie Maria Wettergren.
Draped Nimbostratus is at once a spectacular architectural intervention in
the talks space (it is the largest site-specific textile installation to appear at
the fair) and an elegant means of absorbing potentially intrusive sound.
Design Curio/
The Design Curio program, now in its second year, invites designers, curators,
innovators and gallerists to present cabinets of curiosity throughout the fair.
Selected through an open call for applications, each Curio offers an
immersive environment of objects, textures, artifacts and ideas that
challenge and contextualize familiar design narratives.
This year’s Curios include an exploration of bitumen as a design material in
Quintus Kropholler’s Black Gold series, presented by New York design
boutique Chamber. ADN Galería from Mexico City will show On Reflection:
Smoking Mirrors and other vanities by Eduardo Olbés, a collection of
mirrored objects using naturally reflective obsidian and black jade inspired
by the Aztek god Tezcatlipoca, whose name literally translates as “Smoking
Mirror”. Bi-coastal gallery The Future Perfect presents Fragments, an
immersive display of new works in stone by Dutch designer Lex Pott framed
by a custom wall covering painted with stone pigments from Calico
Wallpaper. The recently founded Miami-based design agency Giovanni
Beltran will show The Storefront by Jonathan Gonzalez: a total composition
that imagines the booth as a ‘retail’ storefront. Cultured Magazine offers us a
glimpse into the mind of the "teeny-bopper" with Bedroom by Katie Stout.
Designers Adam Charlap Hyman and Andre Herrero have created an homage
to the early days of Dean & DeLuca with Cheese, based on Giorgio DeLuca's
first space on Prince Street in SoHo named THE CHEESE STORE.
Design Visionary/
As part of the Design Visionary Award presented by Panerai, winner Yves
Béhar has designed an exhibition at the fair titled Connecting that explores
the profound connection design has with all of humankind. Showing original
sketches and prototypes from some of his most iconic works, Connecting is a
raw and intimate look into the process of social and sustainable design, and
the social impact design has on the world around us.
Retail and Hospitality/
Design Miami/ Market
The inaugural Design Miami/ Market brings a new kind of product to the fair,
with a curated selection of design-driven retail offering custom and limitededition
objects, ornaments, accessories and specialty gourmet items.
Each year Design Miami/ will commission an emerging talent to design the
Market. This first edition is imagined and produced by local designer Emmett
Moore and acts as a playful reminder of Miami’s tropical environment,
drawing heavily on South Beach for inspiration. The Market brings the beach
to Design Miami/ with kiosks made of whitewashed wood and canopies
reminiscent of beach loungers with their blue vinyl strapping.
In addition to the Design Miami/ J.Crew capsule collection, the Market
features HAPPY VIEW, a lenticular photograph with removable sunglasses by
Vik Muniz and Selima Optique from LIZWORKS, founded by Liz Swig;
specialty gourmet items from Dean & DeLuca; and a carefully curated
selection of art, design and culture books from Design Miami/ veteran D.A.P.
Pierre Le-Tan x J.Crew for Design Miami/
Acclaimed illustrator Pierre Le-Tan’s graphic identity for Design Miami/ 2015
tells a typical Miami story populated by flamingos, crocodiles, Art Deco
architecture, palm trees and Key lime pies. The portfolio of sketches created
in his signature, whimsical style will also feature on a capsule collection
created in collaboration with J.Crew featuring accessories and gift items that
showcase Le-Tan’s cross-hatched imagery.
The capsule collection will be available through the fair’s new Design Miami/
Market and at select J.Crew stores in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Miami and