Rotterdam Art Week 2012: Galerie VIVID with Jan Broekstra, Maria Roosen and Liedeke Kruk

During the 'Rotterdam Art Week' the exhibition of Jan Broekstra will be expanded with artworks by Maria Roosen, including the impressive 'Berry Breasts' made out of coloured glass. And with 'Portraits' by Liedeke Kruk: modest photos of famous artists.
Thanks to Fons Welters Amsterdam

Jan Broekstra
In 2003, nine years ago Galerie VIVID presented a unique 'food-design' exhibition by Jan Broekstra. Jan transformed the gallery space into a temporary restaurant with his own porcelain plates, a porcelain table, a 'build-in kitchen' and hand-blown lamps. Each week he prepared and served an excellent dinner round this porcelain table. Some people were lucky to experience this special supper.
From January 29 till March 18, 2012 Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam will again present work by Jan Broekstra. One thing for sure it won't be a simple display of artifacts. Unique hand-blown lamps with LED lighting and many self-produced porcelain objects will show what is possible when craftsmanship and endless creativity meet. The highlight of this exhibition will be a geometric bathroom with translucent porcelain tiles.