2 Bali Barret Shops in Tokyo by Franklin Azzi

Bali Barret Shop 02
Omotesando Tokyo Japan

The project of the military “red tent” gives the archetypic radical image of a military tent. Textile is initially of the beige or khaki color, and with the image of an intervention of artist, the fabric is subtly declined in red, is thus found disguised, touched in the middle same of its fibres.

Bali Barret Shop 01
Shibuya Tokyo Japan

The project of the “red bunker” in Tokyo gives a radical image. It is about a typology of architecture out of its context, the bunkers were built in majority on the Atlantic Wall during the second world war. In more the share of the cases the bunker bore a name, often a female first name, Barbara, Karola… This one will be called Bali Barret.