Launch Chinese edition Volume at the Beijing University

December 23rd, 2006

Speakers include:

Ole Bouman, editor Volume

Ou Ning, film maker

Volume China: Ubiquitous China, a new publication for new ideas about the future of the Chinese city.

photos: Paul Kroese, Serina Wu    

We are delighted with the appointment of Ole Bouman, editor-in-chief of Volume and director of the Archis Foundation, as director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute. Since 1996 Bouman has been the inspiring leader of the magazine that, with him as its editor-in-chief, has progressed from a bi-lingual, Dutch reflective journal of architecture to an English-language, international quarterly addressing architecture's urgent tasks as an attitude of mind.

The limits of architecture have deliberately been sought out, as have those of the magazine itself. To do so Bouman has worked with innovative designers with an editorial slant, as well as organising alternative forms of debate, worldwide.

In recent years the Archis Foundation has moved on from tending an architecture magazine to functioning as an active, agenda-setting think tank by way of magazine, consultancy and NGO.

We are convinced that, from his new post, Bouman will have success in providing the international architecture debate with fresh stimuli. And Archis, encouraged by the acknowledgement of its course that is evident from his appointment, will continue to devote itself to that debate.

Archis + AMO + C-lab launched a new global idea platform to voice architecture anyway, anywhere, anytime. An instrument of cultural invention and re-invention. It is dedicated to experimentation and the production of new forms of architectural discourse.

Project founders: Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley

The VOLUME project continues ARCHIS, magazine for Architecture, City and Visual Culture and its predecessors since 1929. Volume magazine and Archis RSVP events form an experimental think tank devoted to the process of real-time spacial and cultural reflexivity.

Other protagonists in this project: AMO, a research and design studio that applies architectural thinking to disciplines beyond the borders of architecture and urbanism. AMO operates in tandem with its companion company the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting, an experimental research unit devoted to the development of new forms of communication in architecture, set up as a semi-autonomous think and action tank at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University.