Lekker Decadent / Deliciously Decadent

March 21th- October 24th 2004

National Museum of Ceramics Princessehof


Ridiculous, non-functional, political, subtle and religious, but also sumptuous, erotic and aggressive - these adjectives describe the extravagances on the ceramics front around the turn of the millennium. This book fosters and criticizes today's decadent table services, with a dash of humour thrown in. The more such spurious articles are made to gleam, the greater their entertainment value. And the more complicated their appearance the better. Eye-boggling lustre glazes, prints of exotic animals, precious stones, quartz and even pearls get mixed into the work of the nationally and internationally renowned designers selected for this survey. Leading authors in their field approach the theme of decadence from the psychological, social, technical and cultural-historical vantage-points. Just as importantly, Decadent is a source of new refined ceramic techniques at a time when the knowledge and skills of the potter's art are in danger of disappearing altogether.


Atelier K
Ralph Bacerra
Simone van Bakel
Caroline Bärtling
Susan Beiner
Hans van Bentem
Jurgen Bey
Andrea Branzi
Rob Brandt
Jan Broekstra
John Chamberlain
Riccardo Dalisi
Esther Derkx
Marlene Dumas
Laszlo Fekete
Günther Förg
Leopold Foulem
Keith Haring
Eduard Hermans
Maria Johansson
Hella Jongerius
Janine Keizer
Hella Jongerius
Janine Keizer
Jeff Koons
Joseph Kosuth
Manon van Kouswijk
Anne Kraus
Roy Lichtenstein
Miriam van der Lubbe
Sander Luske
Kasimir Malevich
Victoria Mitrichenka
Ted Noten
Richard Notkin
Tejo Philips
David Regan
Adrian Saxe
Cindy Sherman
Borek Sipek
Wieki Somers
Ettore Sottsass
Piet Stockmans
Richard Swanson
Joan Takayama
Tsé & Tsé Ass.
Matteo Thun
Stanley Tigerman
Jean Tinguely
Norman Trapman
Robert Venturi
Edward van Vliet
Han van Wetering
Pauline Wiertz
Silke Wolter
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