droog & Co. opens
Presentation Hotel droog

June 26 through July 26, 2002

After years of working behind closed doors, Droog Design will open up to the public on June 26, 2002 with the launch of droog & Co. Finally, a location where the full range of droog products can be admired and purchased. Droog & Co. functions both as outlet and exhibition space, and is located on the new premises of Droog Design on Rusland, a street in the heart of Amsterdam. Since April of this year, it already houses Droog Design's new offices.
The new space displays and sells items from the Droog Design collection and presents new products by Droog Design. Alternating exhibitions with work by Dutch and foreign designers are planned. Because Droog Design's current ambition, besides furthering Dutch design at home and abroad, is to promote young foreign designers and their work in Holland.
In the coming months exhibitions with work by the brothers Bouroullec from Paris, the English designers Dunne & Raby and the Amsterdam based artist Franck Bragigand are scheduled. Work by Bragigand made during the exhibition will be auctioned.
Richard Hutten designed the interior of droog & Co.
Opening hours: Tuesday through Friday from 12.00 till 18.00 hrs

The first exhibition to take place on the new premises of Droog Design is a video registration of Hotel droog*. Droog Design rented an existing one-star hotel during the Milan furniture show, which at first appearance seemed practically unchanged. It was also never the intention to create a design hotel; instead, the invited designers added products they had developed to each room. Some simple additions created a completely new experience: the hotel became more pleasant, more comfortable and especially more fun.
The video registration gives a good impression of the much-frequented Hotel droog* in action: the rooms, the added products, the atmosphere in the hotel and the reaction of the public to the project as a whole. During the exhibition, a selection of products from the hotel will be on display.
The exhibition is designed by Richard Hutten.
The video of the Hotel droog* project, made by artist Fendry Ekel, is with an accompanying booklet on sale to the public.