China Contemporary

June 10 - September 3 2006

Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

The mass media in China have grown as quick
as lightning in recent years, and a thriving
digital culture has evolved thanks to the Internet.
The staggering economic growth has caused
an explosion in information in which the visual
image – carried by media including television,
photography, fashion, advertising, magazines,
newspapers and blogs – plays a lead role.
How are the younger generations of Chinese
people responding to the turbulent developments?
And how do they relate to the Chinese visual
tradition and to censorship? The Nederlands fotomuseum presents a fascinating and sparkling
snapshot of contemporary Chinese visual culture
for the first time in the Netherlands and carries
a new voice from the People’s Republic. The
exhibition includes magazines such as City Pictorial and Urban China, publications and cultural
project by Modern Media, work of the designers
Ou Ning, JiJi, Wang Yiyang, Zhang Da, MEWE,
Peng&Chen, websites, critical blogs, billboards
and slogans.

City Pictorial
Modern Media
Urban China
Ou Ning
Ji Ji
Wang Yiyang
Zhang Da
Peng & Chen
Cao Fei

China Contemporary, Architecture, Art and
Visual Culture is a collaboration between
the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Museum
Boijmans Van Beuningen and the Nederlands
fotomuseum. This first interdisciplinary overview
of China’s contemporary art, architecture and
visual culture – including television, photography,
newspapers, magazines and blogs – also provides
a platform for a new critical voice from the People’s Republic.
China is undergoing a phenomenal transformation.
In just a few years the country has developed
into the mecca of the market economy, a place
where existing and new cities are mushrooming
into modern metropolises at breakneck speed.
But is this all just a glossy image? Three Rotterdam arts institutions have teamed up to show the work of contemporary artists, photographers,
architects and designers from China to have them
answer this question with provocative, critical,
ironic and beautiful work.