Ineke Hans, Personal Shopper

July 4 - 8, 2008

Tendence consumer goods fair, Frankfurt

Two candidates accepted an invitation to design the “Personal Shopper 2008” feature at the Tendence — Decorate Life in Frankfurt am Main.

Each designer was asked to design a coherent buying and living world for a specific consumer type. Nicolette Naumann, vice president, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, said “The core concept and area have been prescribed. but the designers have a free hand when it comes to customer profile, concept and implementation.“ The two different displays will face each other in the foyer of Halls 5.1./6.

Ineke Hans is currently seen as one of Europe’s most versatile and unconventional designers, Naumann said. The range of her activities covers interior and exhibition design, industrial jewelry design, furniture and china, from limited series to mass production. In her work, Hans researches the psychological roots of products and focuses on the link between man and object, creating archetypes, pictograms and familiar designs from childhood. As a result, the distinctive features of many of her products are their simplicity, well-established, modern status and toy-like look.

Jason Miller’s designs consistently surprise and confuse, according to Naumann. Much of his work deals with the unexpected, like his antler lamp cum wall ornament. Other designs, like a glass vase, which was first shattered, then repaired, focus on life’s rough edges. One of Miller’s current projects is his “daydream mirror.” Miller is known for his collaboration with Karim Rashid and Jeff Koons among others, and won a number of awards, including the Wallpaper Design Award for Best Breakthrough Designer 2007; the — Tastemaker 2007 award and the Bombay Sapphire — Rising Star Award 2005.

And this year, for the first time, Tendence will open in a new format. Five
events: Tendence Autumn + Winter, Collectione Preview, Spring + Summer, Young Living, Outdoor Living and The Design Annual will be taking place simultaneously at the Frankfurt fair and exhibitions centre from July 4–8 under the title theme, Decorate Life. The theme encompasses everything from furniture, home accessories and home textiles to the garden, table and gifts.