Jaime Hayon

23 September until 13th November 2006

The Aram Gallery, London

The Aram Gallery’s twelfth exhibition brings to London the design work of the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, whose practice stems from an experimental and playful design process which involves handmade crafts as much as industrial production.

Exploration is at the heart of Hayon’s way of working. Trying out combinations of forms, technologies, industries, finishes, textures, scales, styles, weaving the familiar with another, mixing typologies, he creates a world of luxury props for future performances. With a unique flowing stream of ideas, shapes and materials Hayon is carving out his individual space and populating it with character- full objects.

The exhibition is titled Stage, reflecting the theatrical approach with which Hayon has been presenting his design collections from the recent years. Pieces from his collections Showtime, Mediterranean, Digital Baroque and Mon Cirque are among those selected to be shown together for the first time in the UK.

Stage stands for the way Jaime Hayon designs. For the way he creates luxurious performance like experiences for the users and audience of his products. Stage refers also to the way Hayon and his collaborating photographer/artist partner Nienke Klunder are working and playing with his public persona.

Stage is a unique site-specific installation for the Aram Gallery including a nine meter vinyl wall-drawing incorporating large porcelain dishes. The floor show will present furniture, lighting, bathroom furnishing and unique vases selected from Hayon’s own production with Bosa and new industrially produced collections by prominent Spanish companies b.d, Artquitect and Metalarte as well the established Italian company Pallucco.

Stage also echoes the way Hayon presents his products; setting silent clowns quietly observing a shimmering glass balloon lamp or ceramic pigs waiting by shining cacti, creating tension by placing vases with perked ears standing to attention over Oskar Schlemmer like multi-legged modular cabinets. Some products are almost a stage in themselves - as in the generous propped up bath-tubs or the Dr Seuss like lamps growing out of sleek luxurious sinks. And sometimes it’s a small situation that is conjured as with the wall-hung towel-hook heads that create a sense of ironic subservient presence.

Stage aims to present an insight into Hayon’s work, and the way one project leads to another. This is reflected by the launch of a full colour publication, developed and produced by Hayon studio, which includes drawings and production images from the process behind the design and making of the products.

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