La Terraza del Casino Madrid by Jaime Hayon

La Terraza del Casino, Jaime Hayon's latest creation in the shape of an exclusive restaurant in central Madrid, has just opened its doors

The restaurant La Terraza del Casino de Madrid, operated by NH Hoteles, presents a spectacular, new avant-garde, modern space where Jaime Hayón, a top has let loose his ingenuity in a project that combines the past with the future in a personal style and which is in perfect connection with Paco Roncero's imaginative, innovative, personal style of cuisine and support of the brand and management of NH Hoteles.

The designer from Madrid, Jaime Hayón, who has won prizes such as Wallpaper, the Icon Magazine, the Elle Decor international etc., fell in love with the novel, original project proposed to him by NH Hoteles and had no doubt about taking on what has become his first job for a restaurant in Spain. In the new concept of La Terraza del Casino restaurant, Jaime has set out a design that particularly aims to wrap the restaurant guests in the same modern, avant-garde atmosphere as Paco Roncero offers in the textures, colours and flavours of his dishes. Paco and Jaime have worked together on designing all the decorative and professional elements of the restaurant. As a result of working together in this way, Jaime Hayón has recreated a space that has completely changed the look of the restaurant, giving it "modern sophistication" and luminosity with the very best, most highly sophisticated of materials.

All the elements of the new restaurant are made up of geometric forms that remind us of different precious stones, blue and yellow crystals, rhombus-shaped mirrors that reflect the light, a chequered floor, geometric columns and even the chairs, which are all different, elegant and comfortable, help to make the atmosphere of the restaurant fresh and original. The lamps, designed by Jaime Hayón himself, hang from the ceiling like large white spiders, and together with all the other indirect light, create a warm effect of light that slides down the curtains and is reflected on the floor. Most of the furniture and details in porcelain that have been put in the new restaurant have been designed on a customised basis by Jaime Hayón himself. The dominant colours are pale, elegant and bluish, except in the photographed floral compositions, taken by the famous Dutch photographer Nienke Klunder, which decorate the ceilings of the bathrooms and a wall in the main dining hall.

Paco Roncero has, moreover, brought out new, even more modern and tasty recipes, if that is possible, for the restaurant menu, that will pleasantly surprise its guests. Furthermore, Mª José Huertas, the wine waiter of the Casino de Madrid restaurant who in 2005 won the prize for the best wine waiter, awarded by the International Gastronomy Academe, has revamped the wine cellar and the dynamic wine list of the restaurant, bringing in the very latest novelties on the world wine market into its list of over 700 different wines. Working with Paco Roncero and Mª José Huertas, the Head Waiter, Alfonso Vega, works hard every day to welcome customers and look after every detail of service in the restaurant. Something which, as he himself explains, is based on the "being professional and honing the strong points of every member of his team".