The Winner of the Dutch Design Idols 2007 is:

Winde Rienstra - Collection: Without Title
(Utrecht School for the Arts)


In a crowded TENT. in Rotterdam on October 18th 2007 the very exciting final round of the competition has taken place for up and coming design talent. On this evening the ten selected ‘Dutch designers of the future’ have presented and defended their new products. Winde Rienstra has won a work placement at the illustrious fashionhouse of Alexander van Slobbe in Amsterdam and a product presentation at Vivid Gallery in Rotterdam

The jury consisted of Chris Kabel (designer), Ted Langenbach (Now & Wow, among others), and Mare Nieborg (trend watcher). Presentation by Lucas Verweij (director of the Academie voor Bouwkunst Rotterdam and ex-student of the Design Academy Eindhoven).
Those selected were:

Saakje Visser
Olav van der Beek
Rachel Jenkins
Fumiaki Goto
Hunn Wai
Lemberthe Regis & Anna Iwansson
Eefje Schenk
Nada van Dalen
Niels Brinkman

Dutch Design Idols was part of the Dutch Design Port exhibition in TENT. Rotterdam.
Dutch Design Port was organised by VIVID Gallery in New York, May 2007 and travelled September, October 2007 to TENT. in Rotterdam

Dutch Design Idol 2007: Winde Rienstra  


Product presentation at Vivid Gallery in Rotterdam

November 1 - 25, 2007


more information:
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