Inventum and Corus developed a new coffee padmachine designed by studioMOM

For Inventum, Dutch manufacturer of electrical domestic appliances, studioMOM designed a new coffee padmachine: Café Invento. Inventum wanted to stand out between other brands and offer clear user benefits.

StudioMOM’s design, a ‘wall’ with a removable water reservoir, is compact, user friendly and distinctive. Also new is the material: Protact, a steel with a polymer coating. This material has a high-quality feel, is easy to clean, scratch- and corrosion resistant and doesn’t show finger prints.
In the project is cooperated with Corus, the steel company that developed Protact. In the product all pad types can be used. The coffee strength can be adjusted.

Novel joining technique: PIF

Also, Inventum and Corus decided to produce the coffee and tea maker with a novel joining technique: polymer-injection-forming (PIF). This technique, developed by Corus, allows to integrate the structural stiffness of steel and the versatility of polymer injection. Rather than assembling the appliance from separate steel and plastic parts, the design works with hybrid steel-plastic parts created by PIF.
In so doing, PIF allows to:
- reduce the volume of polymers by exploiting the structural stiffness of steel
- reduce the number of processing steps by directly injecting parts onto the steel
- reduce the number of moulds.