Chris Kabel

April 20th to May 19th 2006

ToolsGalerie, Paris

Toolsgalerie shows new pieces by Chris Kabel. Some are especially produced for this exposition.
Such as the Pin-Light, where light-pins start burning as soon as they are stuck into a cushion.
And the xyz Table : six materials (marble, resin, aluminum, formica, wood and mirror), six positions, six tables.
And Black Money Vase or Platinum Money Vase, the value of the vase has become decoration and vice versa as a result. A mild critique against design-capitalism.
On the Coral Vase the decoration on the vase flows into the flowers that are put in the vase.
The Mesh Chair is an almost transparent chair, where the construction parts are treated as if they were a pattern for clothes. Instead of sewn chair is welded. This suggests an upholstered piece of furniture where the upholstery has in fact merged with the construction. Especially for Toolsgalerie mesh chair comes in an 20 pcs edition of 20 different RAL colors.

ToolsGalerie is a design galery where objects, furniture, limited series and prototypes of contemporary designers are shown. Toolsgalerie organizes an exposition 2 or 3 times a year with exclusive pieces by international designers.