OMA in The Hague

23 Jun '06 - 17 Sep '06

Stroom, The Hague

For more than 25 years the practice of OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) has maintained a strong relationship with the city of The Hague. After moving from London to The Netherlands in 1978 one of OMA's first projects was their design of the Dutch parliament building in the center of The Hague. Since then The Hague has developed into the city with the largest number of OMA built projects in the world.

With the exhibition ‘OMA in The Hague' Stroom presents the first-ever survey of all the projects: studies, models, masterplans and completed buildings, such as the Netherlands Dance Theatre, pop music venue Paard van Troje and the two underground stations of the Souterrain. In addition, several examples of the practice's unrealized projects will be shown: their prize-winning design for City Hall, the imagined second city center at the Prins Claus Plein turnpike and the proposed transformation of the A13 Motorway into a Champs Elysées-like boulevard. Future OMA projects for The Hague will also be featured in the exhibition.


Catalogue 'OMA in The Hague'
Survey of all OMA projects in The Hague, designed as a travel guide. Language: English.
€ 7,50