new Crate furniture for CBK Rotterdam

Guido Marsille

'Crate' is a serie design of several types of furniture, set up/composed by the given space.
Being arranged in a series, the Crate objects form a landmark in public space. In terms of space Crate contrasts with the existing environment and tends to take over the situation.
On location the designs reflect on site specific functions, combining size and proportion.
Crate installations have been used as a fashionboutique, for bookpresentations, at festivals and openings.

The designs of Crate furniture explore the interest in the interaction between people and furniture. Guido Marsille asks himself whether furniture can determine the function of a public space, and if it can be used time and again in new and inventive ways. The series 'Crate' is a composition of several types of furniture, leaving it to the visitor how to stand or to sit on these benches.
Marsille’s projects are based on the idea that the circumstances in public space have changed so much, that there no longer exists one public space but several public domains. Awareness of a multiplicity of semi-accessible public spaces which can be adapted and used for a thematical approach, underlies the 'Crate' designs.

Several different designs were shown in Milan, Dortmund, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Houten, Rotterdam and are in use in several places in the public space on squares, courtyards and terraces in Apeldoorn, Gorinchem, Rotterdam and Wageningen.

buroMARSILLE was set up by Guido Marsille in 2004 and is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
A principle in his work is the focus on creating public places which can be used in an informal way. Discovering a place and using it in an individual way is strongly connected with the idea of a place that develops organically. However, Marsille is interested in making connections to contemporary social communities. The ‘uncovering’ of a place where we meet the other and where we have to relate to different behaviour, different ideas and different preferences; the place where the social structure of society expresses itself; these are the fundamental anchors in his design attitude.



2 September - 1 October 2006
Absolut Search
CBK Rotterdam