website launch

Dutch resource on design, research, politics and nation branding

Meta Haven is a research project known for its identity design for the Principality of Sealand, located on a former war platform in the North Sea hosting the world’s first ‘data haven’, or lawless information vault. Meta Haven – its name inspired from ‘data haven’ – can now be found online at

Meta Haven’s web site is conceived as an ‘arch’ of three web windows, surrounding an empty centre through which the user looks at his own desk top. Whereas the arch, uploaded with a ‘rainfall’ of visual projects moving over the screen, functions as a developing visual narrative, the web site’s informational windows are in plain HTML with a grey background.

The web site contains an expanding array of hundreds of different models, proposals, drafts and ideas (including proposals for ‘Stealth’ and ‘Logo’-based approaches to identity). In addition, Meta Haven’s research into visual communication, politics and history is featured in the form of essays, symposia, interviews and lectures.

The work of Meta Haven stands for a return to politics in Dutch design. Meta Haven seeks to develop discourses and visual approaches related to both resistance and power.
As the project continues, the research team will put to use its online presence at to further develop its research. Meta Haven will also seek to actively expand its role to new contexts.

Meta Haven’s founding team consists of Tina Clausmeyer, Vinca Kruk, Adriaan Mellegers, and Daniel van der Velden. For the web site, Meta Haven collaborated with web designer and programmer Maurits de Bruijn.

Meta Haven is based in Maastricht and Amsterdam. Its key source of support is the Jan van Eyck Academie, Post-Academic Institute for Fine Arts, Design and Theory, Maastricht, The Netherlands.