Orange Alert kick-off Party

January 18th 2005

Dutch Designers and Celebrities Kick-off an unprecedented year of high-profile events and exhibitions throughout New York City

Fearless Dutch design conquers the US this year. The Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York has assembled an impressive array of designers and celebrities to kick-off Orange Alert: Dutch Design in New York.
Throughout the year, New York’s premiere museums and exhibition spaces will host an unparalleled list of Dutch design installations including the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, Museum of Arts and Design, Moss and Olympus Fashion Week.

The Orange Alert: Dutch Design in New York event serves as the official launch of this landmark year of Dutch design activity. Exciting exhibitions, including the world’s leading designers such as Viktor and Rolf, Hella Jongerius and Droog Design as well as a collective of new Dutch fashion designers, will exemplify the best of Dutch design within fashion, art, interiors and architecture. For the first time, all the participating venues are joining together with one goal: to celebrate the work and creative process of talented Dutch artists.

“This is going to be a banner year for Dutch designers and the Consulate is very proud of the efforts to position the designers here in the US,” says Robert Kloos, Director for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design. “Orange Alert: Dutch Design in New York is the culmination of years of work in an effort to nurture and support Dutch designers outside European borders.”

Highlights of Dutch design in the U.S. over the past ten years include the highly successful Dutch Design Cafe at MoMA, Dutch Design survey exhibitions at New York and San Francisco MoMA, exhibitions by Viktor & Rolf with Visionaire, Marcel Wanders at Material Connexion, Hella Jongerius and Jurgen Bey at ICA Philadelphia as well as a U.S. tour of Droog Design.

Venerable design expert Aaron Betsky, author of the recent publication "False Flat: Why Dutch Design Is So Good” refers to The Netherlands as being "the world's center of great modern design." Nowhere else is there as much innovation, experimentation and sheer beauty in architecture, urban planning, industrial design, and graphic design as in this small country."

During the Orange Alert on January 18, multimedia presentations will showcase a wide array of leading Dutch designers. A separate fashion presentation will occupy one area of Drive-In Studios promoting a group of Dutch fashion designers that will launch officially during Olympus Fashion Week in September.

.Highlights include:
Tord Boontje at Moss (February)
Hella Jongerius at Cooper-Hewitt (March)
• A series of fashion events with the Dutch Fashion
Foundation (Fashion Week)
• Interior and product design installations during the ICFF and Design Downtown (May)
• Pulp: young dutch graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven express themselves in paper and cardboard at The Firehouse (May)
• Exhibition of Dutch Fashion & Textile Design at the Museum at F.I.T. (September)
• Tord Boontje at Cooper-Hewitt (September)
Colors: Viktor & Rolf exhibition from the Mori Art Museum at Cooper-Hewitt (December)
Claudy Jongstra at Moss (t.b.d.)
• Simply Droog at Museum of Arts & Design (t.b.d.)

photos by Djamella Rosa Cochran


Karim Rashid and Paola Antonelli
Frederique Van Der Wal and Michiel Van Der Wal
Karen Lee, Yfke Sturm, Abe Gurko and Ingrid Ott
Robert Kloos, Jellie van Eenennaam, Ambassador Boudewijn van Eenennaam and Cora Minderhoud
Angelique Westerhof and Mark Terberg
Robert Kloos, Abe Gurko and Ambassador Boudewijn van Eenennaam
Abe Gurko and Jellie van Eenennaam
Yfke Sturm
Robert Kloos and Frederique Van Der Wal
Barbara Bloemink, Robert Kloos and Anne Barlow
Yfke Sturm and Angelique Westerhof
Yfke Sturm, Angelique Westerhof and Frederique Van Der Wal
. ... and Rene Hofstede (Millefiori floral design)
Michiel van der Wal and Jeanne Wikler
Walter Oostelbos and Sander Raaymakers
Trevor Smith and Dan Planko
Henk van der Aa, Max Westerman (both RTL Television) and Yfke Sturm
Courtney Fine and Penelope Tang
... and Tet Reuver
. ... and Richard Koek
Consul General Cora Minderhoud, Ambassador Boudewijn J. van Eenennaam and Jellie van Eenennaam
Franklin Getchell (President of Moss) and Jeanne Wikler
Wim Huurman (yellow jacket) and Pieter Woudt (parka), both established Dutch graphic designers in New York
Jesse Houk and Elizabeth LoNigro
Laurie Manfra (Metropolis Magazine) and ...
Robert Kloos and Winka Dubbeldam
Karim Rashid and Constantine Boym
Christiaan Kuypers and Noah Aronsson-Brown of Kstudio (designers of
invite and brochure Orange Alert)
right: Cees de Bever and Janou Pakter
Elizabeth LoNigro, Jesse Houk and Karrie Goldberg
Abe Gurko, Noah Aronsson-Brown and Christiaan Kuypers