Dutch Design Port

7 September / 28 October 2007

TENT. Rotterdam

TENT. presents the exhibition Dutch Design Port: a showcase of ten leading Dutch designers who
receive international acclaim as representatives of what has become known as Dutch Design:

Jurgen Bey
Simon Heijdens
Richard Hutten
Hella Jongerius
Chris Kabel
Joris Laarman
Atelier van Lieshout
Bertjan Pot
Wieki Somers

curator: Aad Krol (VIVID Gallery)

Everyone is familiar with at least one of their objects. The remarkable thing is that all these designers are based in Rotterdam. The exhibition tells the story of the current blossoming and diversity of design community in Rotterdam.
All the designers are linked by the fact that their activities involve creating products for both the larger (mass) market, and unique pieces that are collected in the art world. They are aware of the art-status of design in the Netherlands, but they also design for large companies such as Ikea and Fatboy. The choices of materials or motifs are often based on historical references and a genuine interest in forgotten crafts or traditional materials. But practical functionality and the contemporary form are always imperative. Dutch Design Port was shown at the Milk Gallery, New York in May and was organized by VIVID Gallery (Aad Krol & Saskia Copper).
In the exhibition, each designer shows a selection of celebrated and less well-known work. Simon
Heijdens presents his high-tech installation Reed, a lighting installation that reacts to wind sensors, Jurgen Bey shows Stubborn Chair; Wieki Somers High Tea Pot is a porcelain pigs skull with a ratfur cap; Hella Jongerius presents her work in an old Hungarian cabinet.
In Rotterdam the 'Board Room' by Atelier van Lieshout has been added to the Dutch Design Port exhibition.
The brand-new installation was shown this summer for the first time in the Project Space of the Hayward Gallery in London. This Upper Chamber is the nerve centre of Atelier Van Lieshout's Slave City. The seven metre long table is laid with crockery for each of the twenty board members of Slave City.

Thursday 4 October 20.00 h
Lecture by Tracy Metz
Beyond a joke:
Humour in Dutch Design

Thursday 18 October 20.00 h
Design Idols
What will the future of Dutch Design look like? Who will the jury, incl. Chris Kabel (designer) and Mare Nieborg (trend watcher), tip be the next top Dutch designer? A competition for up-and-coming talent with a strong stomach for criticism.


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