November 18 2007 / February 3 2008

Platform 21, Amsterdam

Now that most vehicles have robust reliability, quality and performance, it is up to designers to dare to dream again and design the car of the future.

This winter, take a visual road trip into the imagination with Platform21 = Joyriding. Not a car show but an aesthetic joyride, it's about form and feeling rather than engineering. Our sampling of amazing imaginary cars, some dreamt up by graduates of London's Royal College of Art, will remind you that automotive design can still take our breath away and keep us curious about the future.

The exhibition brings together animated visions of concept cars, scale models of vehicles that will make you think differently about cars, and designer-pimped remote-controlled rides. Our fantasy fleet transports you back to a childlike joy in form and movement and a need for speed.

The projected animation shows a highway as it might look in the future. The shapes are softer and rounder; cars are slow-moving personal bubbles within which drivers can find peace of mind. If you want adrenaline, not meditation, the futuristic forms of the designs of Filip Krnja, shown in a manga anime, will astonish you.

A full-size cardboard version of artist Hugo Vrijdag's eMotio, a three-wheeled car you drive by shifting your weight from one side to the other, will be on display. And check out Jose Ramon Lopez Gonzalo's miniature model of The New Gypsies, his concept car-and-house combo featuring a detachable vehicle. Ehsan Moghaddampour's model of his Bugiman shows you a car built for kicks: it's made just for joyriding around the desert.

When we asked designers to convert toy cars into dream machines, it was green lights all the way. See the four-wheeled fantasies of furniture designer Bertjan Pot, theater makers Hotel Modern, industrial designer Marijn van der Poll, interior designer Frank Tjepkema, jewellery designer Dinie Besems, fashion designer Monique van Heist and All-Stoff, the garage team of MTV's Pimp My Ride.

Also featuring:
Daniel Kafka, Igor Yantikov, Martine Camillieri, Fiat500, Nissan Mixim, Zooop, Zedz, Pieke Bergmans, Hotel Modern, Leyp, Kaptein Roodnat, Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk, Strange Attractors Design & NLXL.