Red Dot Award ceremony: 30 June 2003 in the Aalto-Theater in Essen

A competition for current industrial design

The internationally reputed design competition ”red dot award: product design” organised by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen is held once a year. Companies and designers from all over the world enter their products in th
e hope of winning one of the coveted ”red dot” awards. Design quality is crucial. The products are judged on the basis of established selection criteria which are scrupulously applied to each entry. Styling and the implementation of innovative technology in design are assessed. An independent jury of well-known international experts selects well designed products from the large number of entries for the distinction of the red dot, a seal of quality that is known and respected throughout the world. Products that impress the jury with particularly outstanding design quality are eligible for the ”red dot: best of the best” award. Only a very few of these higher distinctions are conferred in each competition and the products that win them rank as models of design excellence in their own branches of industry. For the last three years a third ”red dot” award, the ”red dot: intelligent design” has been conferred. This very special distinction focuses on products whose design points the way forward into the new millennium. These are products that open up new avenues of design and the application of science and technology in their own fields.

Crosslight by Dark
red dot award: product design 2003
designed by MNO, Rotterdam

Whether as a hanging or table lamp - Crosslight has a highly decorative value. The design combines simplicity with the module principle. Crosslight can be used as a single lamp; with the help of a simple ring a series connection is possible. The results are interesting constructions in the sense of a cell multiplication. The lamp is available in white and orange, in a dimmer and in an After-Glow version with fosforescent effect.
Mr. Twister cable drum
red dot award: product design 2003
designed by Flex Development, Delft

The Mr. Twister cable drum is used, when an extension lead is needed. The required cable length is pulled out of the casing and then fastened in the cone-shaped opening. Thus, the cable can always be adapted to the required length. Due to its functional, but nevertheless soft and emotional design, Mr. Twister is a self-confident part of the living area
Art by Miele multifunctional vacuum cleaner
red dot award: product design 2003
designed by npk industrial design, Leiden and Miele Design, Gütersloh

The Art by Miele multifunctional vacuum cleaner has been designed to operate instantly and to be switched on easily. It can be flexibly used for vacuum-cleaning floors, furniture and upholstering. Due to its multifunctional design a time-consuming connecting of parts is unnecessary. The Art by Miele multifunctional vacuum cleaner has a good suction performance and filter quality. It can be moved easily and precisely

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photos by Ben Oostrum