Shared Space by Bertjan Pot & Frank Bruggeman

September 8, 2007 / April 27, 2008

TENT. & Witte de With, Rotterdam

TENT. and Witte de With present Shared Space, a project in the communal area on the first floor of the Witte de Withstraat building. The Rotterdam-based designers Frank Bruggeman and Bertjan Pot were asked to transform the space from a non-area into a place where people meet.

Bertjan Pot developed a large corner couch and a variation on a Persian rug as the embodiment of the ‘living room feeling’. Frank Bruggeman designed a wall unit with and for various kinds of office equipment. Visitors and members of staff are invited to relax for a while, chat with one another, or use the equipment together.

With this project, TENT. and Witte de With are not only reacting to, but also contributing towards the thriving climate for design in Rotterdam. Shared Space is not an exhibition; the objects in the space are intended for use.