simply droog
10 + 1 years of avant-garde design

18 December 2004 to 13 February 2005

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Droog Design is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a large international exhibition
showing renowned designs by top designers such as Gijs Bakker, Jurgen Bey, Martí
Guixé, Richard Hutten, Hella Jongerius, Tejo Remy, Arnout Visser and Marcel Wanders.
All the designs incorporate the following core elements: an original idea, a clear and
contemporary concept, and a practical, simple end product that is innovative and
sometimes uses new technology. The exhibition includes well-known classics as well
as many new projects.
Droog Design was set up in 1993 by Gijs Bakker and Renny Ramakers. They began by presenting
exciting new Dutch designs at the annual furniture fair in Milan. The products on display were made
from low-cost industrial or recycled materials and included a bookshelf made of wrapping paper and
multiplex, and a chest with drawers taken from unwanted furniture. The presentation was entitled
‘Droog Design’ – droog being the Dutch word for dry, as in dry wit, and unadorned or simple – and
the reaction was so enthusiastic that Bakker and Ramakers decided to set up the Droog Design
Foundation as a platform for contemporary Dutch design. The Droog Design collection is now a broad
assembly of international designs that are plain and practical. Their added value lies in the fact that
their designers have succeed in imbuing everyday objects with humour, soul, meaning and content.
All these aspects are on display in this retrospective.
The exhibition consists of two parts. First, the visitor is guided by lines of grey tape on the floor
through thematic ‘rooms’ inside the construction designed by Studio Jurgen Bey. The rooms are a
visualisation of typical Droog themes such as 'Use it again', 'Familiar – not so familiar', 'The inevitable
ornament', 'Simplicity', 'Tactility' and 'Experience'. The second part is devoted to a history of Droog
Design projects and commissions for companies over the last decade, told through photographs,
videos, drawings, models and publications.
Famous designs like Tejo Remy’s Rag Chair, Eibert Draisma’s Talking Coffeemaker and Marti
Guixé’s Do Reincarnate Lamp will of course be on show. These objects embody the idea of
recyclability that has always been a major theme of Droog Design. The designers give new life to
worn-out and old-fashioned products that no longer fit into their environment. And the 'Familiar –
not so familiar' room is a response to the observation that people tend to surround themselves with
things they love but after a while no longer notice. What is typical of Droog designs is that they use
the familiar in innovative ways so that these objects become new and unusual. Examples include the
Tree Trunk Bench by Jurgen Bey, the Nest Digital Cuckoo Clock by Cynthia Hathaway and the Milk
Bottle Lamp by Tejo Remy.
After visiting Germany and the Netherlands the exhibition will travel to Belgium, Switzerland
and the United States.

New chair Richard Hutten specialy made for the Gemeentemuseum