ROC Apeldoorn by Tjep. (Janneke Hooymans and Frank Tjepkema)

Tjep.was asked by the ROC professional training school in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands to design the new reception area of the economics department. The starting point of the design was the floor, which represents the complexity and diversity of economical processes in modern society. From the floor Tjep. elevated the necessary functional objects:

- A conference room in the shape of a factory, the origin of industrial goods.
- The reception desk formed by abstracted crate shapes, representing transportation.
- A meeting table in the shape of a five meter long key, representing real-estate but also a world of opportunities for graduated students.
- Stools as calculator buttons, numbers being the language of economics.
- A table foot ball game with it's scaled down stadium, representing the economics of leisure.
At the center of the floor design we find a student with a huge heart, a little reminder that this should be the most important factor in economic decisions (... not the wallet!).