Light sculpture by studio VollaersZwart.

Winter 2008 /2009, Rotterdam

In the city the stars are barely ever visible, due to all of the city lights. Stars is an artificial starry sky, visible every night.
The Delftse Poort, the Nationale Nederlanden offices building, has been dressed with thousands of LED-lights, across a total length of 150 metres.
These lights have been placed on the building's façade at random, thus creating a natural pattern.
This monumental light sculpture functions without electricity completely.
The durable LED-lights use solar cells to charge themselves during the day, and remain lit for eight hours during the night. They blink at four different frequencies.
Nowadays, studio VollaersZwart has made a name for itself in making major changes to the face of the city. In 2006 the Witte de With street was stickered with bright pink dots, on account of the festival ‘The World of Witte de With’. Last year the artists made themselves known with the project ‘Cliffhangers’. On occasion of Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture forty special buildings were outfitted with purple accents.
Stars is part of Winter in Rotterdam and has been realised by Bureau Binnenstad.