New WAAC's designs for Alessi, Talens and Auping

Alessandro Mendini graciously accepts WAAC's rose

Commemorating the introduction of 'Marcel,' a new product designed exclusively for Alessi by WAAC's design & consultancy of Rotterdam, WAAC's
recently gave away red roses at the Milan Furniture Fair. The WAAC's design is being launched simultaneously with Alessi's all-new bathroom products and accessories, which are creating a sensation at this year's show.
'Marcel' is a magazine holder made of opaque white polypropylene. Small suction cups make it possible to mount it onto the smooth, tiled surface that characterizes most bathrooms. The product is on display in the bathrooms showcased in Milan.
In keeping with Alessi's fanciful, albeit quite serious philosophy, that product designs should reflect 'affective codes'--paternal, maternal, childhood and erotic-- WAACs' design mimics a man's sleeveless undershirt, like the kind Daddy used to wearSor Grandpa.
Designed by Marcel Jansen, the product derives its name not from the hand that created it, but from the French colloquial term for the proverbial undergarment, which happens to be 'Marcel.'
The WAAC's roses in Milan were in fact red satin female panties on a stem.
After all, childhood gives way to adulthood. And adults have their (erotic) fantasies, too!
'Thank you, thank you,' repeated Alessandro Mendini, on receiving a WAAC's rose during the fair.


De Talens Pencil Box wint de NAMTA 2002
Best Packaging ­ 1st Place Award
en is genomineerd voor de Nederlandse
verpakkingsprijs Gouden Noot 2002


Van Gogh, een vertrouwd merk voor kunstschilder-materialen, is nu nog completer want naast diverse soorten verf en penselen, zijn er nu ook Van Gogh fine art potloden. Het unieke aan de Van Gogh potloden is de gegarandeerde lichtechtheid. Koninklijke Talens heeft al haar kennis van het
gebruik van pigmenten in verven gecombineerd met de specifieke eigenschappen van potloden. Het resultaat hiervan is dat Van Gogh het eerste merk is dat de lichtechtheid van haar potloden kan garanderen.

Eigentijdse verpakkingen ontworpen door WAAC's
Van Gogh fine art potloden zijn los en in sets verkrijgbaar. Zo zijn er sets met 15, 30, 45 of 60 potloden. De verpakking van de sets bestaat uit een
eigentijds vormgegeven transparant etui van duurzaam blauw kunststof. In het etui zit een praktische uitneembare houder met geintegreerde puntbeschermer die op tafel gezet kan worden. In de houder passen 30 potloden. Wie een set met 15 potloden koopt, heeft meteen al voldoende ruimte om de set uit te breiden tot 30.

A Star is Born
AestronDesign and WAAC's design & consultancy teamed up to create packaging for 3 new product lines developed by Royal Talens, producer of quality art, decoration and color materials for amateur, educational and professional use. The briefing was clear: Royal Talens sought original, striking,
value-added packaging for its new creative products aimed at large-scale retail markets.

Hollo-pillo by WAAC's
WAAC's designed what it calls the Hollo-pillo pillow box specially for this project. In order to apply the box's unique form to the 200 different products that comprise Royal Talens' 3 new brand lines, WAAC's conceived a modular system delineating 20 variations of the Hollo-pillo design. So, in effect, each package is custom-tailored to fit the product it contains.
The packaging material chosen by WAAC's -- lightweight polypropylene, available in a range of attractive colors -- and Hollo-pillo design,
readily sets the Royal Talens products apart from the competition, which relies heavily on cardboard and plastic. The design eliminates as much 'air'
as possible from the packaging, further reducing transport weight (polypropylene is lighter than cardboard), and the slightly bowed form facilitates nesting, optimizing the use of space allocated in the supermarket chains and mega-do-it-yourself stores where Royal Talens' new product lines are being marketed.

Eye-catching Klamboo for Auping

Auping has launched a new bed concept with which a wide range of possibilities. Countless applications and a wealth of clever accessories, partly designed by WAAC's, form the basis of the Auping Match. The customer can exercise his influence even up to the smallest detail. No two tastes are the same, nor are any two beds. Now, anyone can compose a unique bed on the basis of personal preference.

The customer follows the fashion when furnishing various parts of his home. The bedroom, too, is being constantly adapted to new needs and being used increasingly as a living area. With Match, Auping is in line with this trend. It means that the accessories fit to the functions of the bedroom.
All accessories, rims and headboard units can vary and be adapted to the personal lifestyle. The eye-catching Klamboo designed by WAAC's can be
easily mounted on the bed frame. It opens just like a Bedouin tent so that the Klamboo can be used as a romantic canopy when you are not bugged by

New bed on Internet
Auping is using the most up-to-date communication route to introduce potential customers to Auping Match. This means that soon anyone can access
the site, and compose his/her own bed. We also issue the Auping Match Magazine which presents all sorts of topics that touch the perception of the target group. Furthermore, the new formula will be presented in a special manner in the shop. On a special bed with work cushions and trackball, it will be possible to compose your own bed on the flat screen at the foot of the bed.

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